Trusted and Secure Computing Sven Bugiel



Lecture today moved to 14:00

Unfortunately I have to move the lecture today to **14:00**. In case you cannot attend in the afternoon, please drop me a message. I'm sorry for the very short notice and inconvenience this might cause.

Trusted and Secure Computing

In this two-week lecture, the participants will be introduced to essential concepts in the domain of secure, trusted, and trustworthy computing. The focus is particularly on hardware-based security architectures in different settings like a server, network, cloud, or embedded device security. Examples for such hardware security primitives are Trusted Platform Modules, Intel SGX, or ARM TrustZone. In addition to the lecture, the participants should gather some hands-on experience with these technologies through two compact projects (one TPM based, one about hardware-isolated execution environments) and thus provides a perfect opportunity to understand hardware-based security architectures more deeply in theory and practice. Based on this experience, the participants should be additionally enabled to discuss and evaluate state-of-the-art research solutions in this domain.

The course will be offered as a two weeks block course at the end of the summer term 2019, between Sep 09 and Sep 20.

Please note: The number of available seats is limited to 16, due to the limited availability of hardware for the exercises!


The end-term exam will take place Sep 27, 14:00–16:00 in E1 3, HS002

The backup exam will take place Oct 11, 14:00–16:00 in E1 3, HS003

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