Lecture schedule

Lectures take place every day 10:00–12:00 (c.t.) in E9.1 room 0.05 (lecture hall), if not other noted in the schedule below.
Date Topic
09.09. Kick-off
Motivation and Basic Concepts of Trusted Computing
TPM 101
10.09. Integrity Measurement
11.09. Secure Storage and Extended Authorization Policies
12.09. Extended Authorization Policies Examples


Remote Attestation
14.09. Weekend
15.09. Weekend
16.09. **(14:00 - 16:00)** Introduction to Secure Execution Environments
ARM TrustZone
17.09. Intel SGX
18.09. Attacks on Intel SGX
19.09. Trusted Computing in Mobile/Embedded/Virtualized Settings

20.09. (Takes place in E9.1 room 0.01)

Exam Q&A

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