Exam Admission and Regulations Reminder

Written on 24.07.2017 11:09 by Jonas Bushart

We just published the results for the last exercise sheet, and the exam admission. Please take a look on your Personal Status in the CMS. We will take corrections made after tomorrows tutorials into account.

EDIT: The LSF/Hispos registration deadline was last Thursday. Please excuse the error in the previous news.

Take a look at the seating plan, which is released in the Material's section. If you are admitted to the exam but your immatriculation number is not on the seating plan, inform us as soon as possible.


Exam Regulations

  • Be there on time (around 15:45 hrs) in the Guenter-Hotz-Hoersaal. We aim to start at 16:00 sharp.
  • The exam lasts 120 mins and you can earn up to 120 points. You'll pass with 50% or more.
  • Bring your student ID.
  • You may bring and use one handwritten double-sided A4 sheet that contains any notes you like to have. We will rigorously reject any printed A4 sheet.
  • You can bring and use an English/German dictionary.
  • Use a non-erasable pen to answer the exam.
  • Respect the seating plan to see where you are seated. It's uploaded to CMS in the Material section.
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